Full Circle vs. Full Circle

Well my keen scheduling mind has done it again.  I really looking forward to taking part in a new local design networking group “Full Circle” this evening, I had thought about what I might bring to the discussion and what I might like to learn from some of my fellow creatives. This morning I was hit face first with a major timing conflict however, my sweetie Ruth has recently expanded her business “Full Circle Health and Healing” and I had forgotten the fact that her grand opening Open House was also scheduled for this evening as well……

So since I can’t be at the meeting in person, I figured I would share with the entirety of the inter webs some of the new tools and trends I have been noticing.

First Online Sales:

Two new and really easy to use platforms for creatives to easily sell content online that have caught my interest recently.

First is Gumroad.com Their tagline is “Sell anything you can share.” and it does seem to be that simple. You upload or point them to your file online. Copy and paste a share link into your current social networks and people follow the link to purchase and fulfill. This seems like a great way to distribute and deliver items like clip art collections or pay articles, with the HUGE added bonus of not having to drive customers to a new sight, being able to incorporate this into your existing facebook, ect seems to me to be the greatest advantage of this platform.

The next sales platform that has me intrigued is Creative Market , It is an online market place where creatives can sell and purchase all manner of digital resources. Textures, clip art, fonts, web elements, templates and alot more.  It hasn’t gone fully live yet but you can download a pile of cool free resources that sample some of the offerings to come if you visit early.


One of the things I am the most excited to see released is Go Media’s new Mockupeverything.com for those not familiar with GoMedia they are a design house in Cleveland that offers some amazing and useful tools and clip art for designers.  Among my favorite of their products are their photoshop mock up templates, I use the various T-shirt mock ups on a daily basis, so I am very excited for this new online mockup platform. I am among the beta testers for another of Gomedia’s online cloud based tools, Prooflab It is a project management tool that has really helped me get a better hold on my projects and timelines. If it isn’t all ready the sign up for Prooflab will soon be open to all, if you are looking for a project management tool I would suggest checking it out.


One of the more useful sites I’ve found recently is called the toolbox It is a collection of some of the most useful single page online tool websites from around the world. From CSS snipets and java script to color scheme generators & invoice programs there is something for all most everybody. bookmark it and it might come in handy soon.

The perhaps most useful tool online for freelance designers and illustrators Freelancer’s Union offers Contract Creator Fill in your parties \ terms and scope of work and the tool takes care of the legal speak. print and sign, that simple….Contracts don’t stop deadbeat clients from stiffing you, but they do give you legal recourse by which to try and retrieve whats owed.


I stumbled upon this sight the other day and thought it worth a mention Loupe takes your photos and arranges them into collages in a number of fun shapes. I don’t know that it has a commercial application, but perhaps.

So it is time for me to make my way to the other Full Circle to enjoy the open house.