Understanding color? why what you see isn’t always what you get

One of the bigger challenges facing myself and anyone else in the modern graphics industry is color reproduction. Most designers don’t truly understand the color spaces in which modern digital art is created, and lay people, forget about it.  In a world of full digital color where even their phones display millions of bright vibrant colors, the average person just wants to see nice bright colors they don’t know or care about RGB and CMYK color spaces. This is where a good designer will guide his/her client away from problematic color ranges and choices and towards hues that can be achieved in CMYK or spot color ink. The designer must have a firm grasp on the reproduction process being used for each project, it’s strengths, weaknesses and limiting factors. Very little except time and experience can teach the ins and outs of any process, but understanding the basic color spaces and the concepts behind them are a great place to start. Check out this great article on the basics of Color Space.