Repurpose instead of purchase – a couple quick “Scrap” materials projects

I have a tendency not to want to throw away what I perceive as useful things, especially where art is concerned.  So I have tubs of paint, substrate, scraps of rainbow colored adhesive vinyl, paper, wood, wire and the like I have accumulated.  The following two projects were built to fulfill needs around the studio from what were cast off pieces from flooring and sign jobs long since gone.

First I needed a “I’ll be back” sign for my door for those times I run home for lunch and out to complete an install, I wanted it to be similar to the cardboard office supply store variety. A clock face with movable hands to indicate when I would return. I went to my scrap bin and selected a piece of black PVC plastic about 8″X6″ and a second piece 2″x6″+ a 2″x6″piece of thinner white PVC . (These pieces were salvaged in my time at a production sign shop, they were scarred in cutting and too small to be saved, I accumulated many small “cast offs” from the dumpster of that shop.)

To start I cut down my 8″x6″ piece of PVC to a more square 6″x6″ size for the clock face and cut the thinner white pvc into 2- 1″x6″ strips, which I then further trimmed into a familiar minute and hour hand shapes. With all my rough cutting work done, I went to work drilling my  1/4″ holes, one in each hand of the clock and one dead center of the face. Once the holes were drilled and alignments checked I used sandpaper to further shape the parts, smooth edges and round corners on the pieces. Once I was satisfied with my fabricated parts I found a nut,bolt washer, combo that fit my needs and checked the fit, almost perfect but my bolt was just a little short, easy fix, flipped the face over put a counter sink bit on the drill and viola recessed nut – perfect fit.

now I went to work on the finishing touches, a few quick sprays from a couple of cans of paint changes the white PVC hands to bright metallic red. On the computer I design a simple clock face as well as a simplified [insanity shack] logo and a brief message. Again I searched my scrap bin, this time for vinyl, I found a few choice scraps,a little reflective gold, a bit of metallic copper and a piece of white just big enough to cut the clock face from. I plotted, weeded and applied the vinyl to my flat parts one layer at a time. Once the vinyl was applied and paint was dry I assembled my final sign, including adding the hooks by which the 2 sign boards are held together and crimping a wire hanger for displaying the sign via a suction cup on my door.

My second project was a “quirky corkboard” for the sticking of push pins around the studio. My former roommate  had been a handyman as well as a fellow re-purposer, several years ago he brought me these sweet cast off scraps of interlocking flooring with a very cool and unique cork finish to use as canvases (which I did with several) but I still had a few left in one of my bins and as luck would have it two of them fit the space I wanted to have available for tacking things up temporarily and repeatedly. A simple brace to keep the two pieces locked together the way I wanted along with a couple of hangers mounted on the back and the cork board was ready to go.

There you go the power of saving “scrap material” and thinking about re-purposing instead of purchasing. It saved me a few bucks this week, if you need a small project it may save you too, ask me about re-purposed options I have them for many of my services.