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  • The creative home of graphic designer | illustrator | graphic craftsman – Cullen Balch.

    Specializing in clean professional digital graphics for print and the web, from vector illustrations and logo designs to photo touch up and repair. With fifteen plus years in the digital graphics and printing industry I can honestly say, no matter the form of reproduction, if it has ink on it, I probably have experience creating art for the printing process involved in producing it. Silkscreen, offset, pad, sublimation, block and letterpress, direct digital, even stencils and cut vinyl graphics. Whatever your graphic needs, I want to help you achieve a visual presence that makes you stand out from the competition.

    cullen@insanityshack.com | 360.349.3127



    Why so much poster art? Well, simply put, I like posters and always have. Bright colors, exciting compositions, bigger than life figures. What’s not to like? Posters have an almost magical ability to transmit messages. When well executed, posters can speak across social, economic and cultural divides, across political lines and even across language barriers. Posters are a form of communication. They can become bigger than art – icons of ideas, ideals and even nations. Especially important to me they do all of this in a simple, accessible manner, and they have the capacity to speak to a diverse scope of people. The best poster does all of this while staying true to it’s artistic form.

    As an artist and performer, I use posters to get my point across. I know it takes a lot to get my attention so I like getting creative about getting the attention of others. In an age when humans are inundated with technological “information,” it takes more than a computer and Photoshop to make great digital art. I’ve grown and evolved as an artist right along with the software that has revolutionized the graphics industry. My education and experience was rooted firmly in the classic printing tradition before digital imaging began to dominate the industry, while my professional career has allowed me to develop technical skill sets in mainstream design and production, from silkscreen printing to commercial business products. I understand what good, print ready design really is.

    I enjoy combining traditional and digital media and exploring experimental and hybrid printing techniques. By using elements of a variety of reproduction methods, I mark my work with my unique love of patterns, textures, expansive color schemes and sound design principles. For digital illustrations such as these I prefer to create vector-based graphics for many reasons, chief among them, the similarity to traditional spot color printing and illustration techniques. Also important are crisp clean resolution independent graphics that can be scaled up or down in size with no loss of quality. It is my goal that my pure appreciation for the craft of printing is reflected in my work, and it is my hope to deliver an imaginative hybrid blend of new media and classic design.

    Cullen Balch – Illustrator | Graphic designer • Olympia, WA • [insanity shack]design studio